Tavern Open Everyday 4PM - 2AM | Code Bar Thurs - Sun 9PM - 2AM

Eagle Code Bar

Thurs – Sun, 9pm – 2am

Absolutely NO CELL PHONE use allowed


Rules Enforced

  • Closed toe shoes/boots/heels only! No flip flops, sandals, or open toe footwear
  • Either fetish, leather, levi’s, gear, or underwear covering genitals is required to enter the space
  • Shirtless is an option, talk to the doorman for details
  • Corsets are also acceptable
  • This space is an all inclusive space! All gender/sexual identities/ethnicity/religion/body types are welcome as long as you adhere to code rules in its entirety.
  • Most importantly respect the space and respect each other! There’s enough drama in our lives, let’s keep this place a safe space for everyone!

The Baltimore Eagle’s Code Bar is a space we consider sacred for our leather and kink community to congregate and celebrate without judgment. While we welcome newcomers and those who are curious, the Code Bar is not open for tours. If you chose to enter the space please be respectful to our communities, the history behind it and the traditions practiced.

If you experience discrimination or felt threatened inside the Code Bar please immediately contact security. If you have and questions or concerns please contact the Baltimore Eagle Management. We at the Baltimore Eagle want to ensure our patrons are both happy and safe.